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Black Oil


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Looking for an elevated cannabis experience? Look no further than our premium black oil, sometimes known as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. With a potent THC content of over 60%, our oil is perfect for both experienced users looking for an old school high or medical patients who find relief with a full plant extract.

Our black oil is carefully crafted to ensure the purest experience possible, with no residual solvents for your protection or to interfere with the taste (no snap, crackle and pop here). Its thick tar consistency and dark brown coloration are the result of our complete extraction of the plant material. We only use quality cannabis flowers of our oil. Minimal filtration is used to preserve its natural flavor and potency.

Many experienced users find our black oil to be particularly smooth and aromatic. Its intense flavor profile and robust aroma are sure to please even the most discerning oil enthusiasts. For more information, check out our blog article on the differences in cannabis oil.

Elevate your cannabis experience today with our premium black oil. Experience the purest, most potent, and flavorful oil on the market.


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