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Native Flower - Cannabis Dispensary

We have finished developing a new stock of various cultivars that are now available for 2022-2023 winter growing season!

Available Cultivars

The Very Latest Genetics Grown By Native Flower
Tenth Planet R1

Medium-sized plants with solid vigor and medium stretch in flower. VERY calyx-heavy flower with bare minimum leaves. Chunky, large and dense flowers gives phenomenal yields in any system or space.

Banana Hammock RBx1

Thick, vertical stalks support massive, dense purple flowers in Banana Hammock RBx1. Heavy tropical terpenes, honey and grape make this unique Indica Hybrid functional for any garden.

Zsweet Inzanity

Massive, greasy kolas! Zsweet Inzanity was born to break records. Ridiculous yields of flower and oils/extraction that will rival any living cannabis plant. Her flavours are too complicated for words. She’s loud AF!

Skunk Hero

Skunk Hero Rbx1 is a robust strong plant with good lateral branching and extremely large, fast-onset flowers. She likes heavy light and can thrive in any system. Easy to grow for anyone, even the beginner grower.

Member Berry

Member Berry RBx1 produces yields of truly boutique flowers. Her sweet and tart citrus floral flavors are often accompanied by an old-school skunk in certain phenos. Heavy, long lasting hybrid effects. Do you ‘member?

Grampa's Cookies

Lush and vigorous; not very leafy. Height varies a bit, along with lateral growth. The stockier plants are still extremely vigorous, they all stack dense large flowers and yields are bountiful.

Mac N Jack

Insanely vigorous and can get out of control if not properly grown. She stacks fairly well for such a fast growing plant. Its recommended to send her in to flower earlier than a typical plant. She’ll fill in nicely the first month of flower with strong vertical and lateral branching. A good plant for an intermediate or highly experienced grower. She does great outdoors as well but needs the full season.

Planet of the Grapes

Planet of the Grapes R1 grows like a champion! She’s made to PRODUCE! Heavy flower yields are easy to get on this low-maintenance, medium height, strong, lateral plant. She’s not’s just about flower yields, she tests and extracts HUGE in usable oils! Extremely high in both cannabinoid and terpene percentages, she’s close to a perfect commercial plant for scale production regardless of the end-game. RICH and COMPLEX!! Her aroma is only outdone by her flavor.

Grape Diamonds R2

Grape Diamonds R2 is a strong vigorous plant with solid lateral branching. She’s easy to grow and thrives in an system, indoors or sun-grown.

Early Lemon Berry R1

Early Lemon Berry R1 is a medium large, fairly round bush with strong lateral branching and stacked orange-sized flowers. She’s been bred for earlier harvests and generous terpy extraction returns.

Upcoming Cultivars

The Very Latest Genetics Grown By Native Flower

This extraordinary cross of our two best breeders has finally come. And it’s HUGE! Massive yields of high calyx-to-leaf flower testing as high as 32% THCa. Very vigorous and fairly tall, Rainmaker is not made for low ceilings. A rich terpene profile of cheese, skunk and citrus makes her the perfect production or heady plant.

Purple Sunset R2Bx

Purple Sunset R2Bx is versatile, a good daytime smoke for those that have anxiety issues and want calm without couchlock. She’s a great night time smoke as well with her euphoric and calming effects. Easy to grow and easy to trim. Tangerine-sized nugs cover this lady from head to root. Very dense and fast to flower, her purple hues come on heavy as she flushes. Strong lateral branching and good vigor make her a pleasure to grow. If she gets big, she’ll need some support for the flowers. Easily trained for any system.

Tropic Thunder

Compact but vigorous, Tropic Thunder is a high-yielding Indica that’s easy to grow and thrives in all conditions. Good stability makes her great for larger crops.

Morockin Kush

Vigorous but stacked. Most have hybrid vigor and medium-length internodes bust fast flower onset with a high calyx formation from the Paki. She’s a unique plant and flower, bred to work within a modern grower’s space.

Lilac Diesel RBx1

Lilac Diesel RBx1 is a strong, aggressive plant with medium length internodes and heavy lateral branching. She has large, spongy but solid flowers. Her big yields and the fact that she’s easy to trim make this one an obvious choice for any garden.

Inzane in the Membrane

Inzane in the Membrane is an intense Sativa hybrid, too potent for most flower smokers. Face-crushing, mind-enhancing and motivating Sativa-leaning effects. Sofa King much flavor! She grows like a complete beast. Vigorous and very tall! Massive yields if properly grown.

Native Flower

Where Quality Matters

Here at Native Flower, we are trying to introduce high quality cannabis genetics to the local community. We germinate only the best seed genetics we can find, then select the highest quality phenotypes from the results. These top performers are then grown in living soil (*see below) as mothers to produce our clones. The result are plants which have the potential to give massive yields, high cannabinoid concentrations and killer terpene profiles!

Living soil or no-till regenerative growing is an organic growing technique which attempts to match the way plants grow most closely in nature. Nature does not use fertilizers and neither do we. Instead, using living soil techniques, we create an environment in the soil which is full of life (a soil food web). The interaction of this life feeds the cannabis plants nutrients through the breakdown of organic and inorganic materials. The results are a healthier, more robust plant that has a higher terpene percentage.

For our hydroponic growers, we offer rockwool rooted clones.  These are cut from the same living soil mothers as our standard clones but are rooted in rockwool instead of living soil.  They are fed standard inorganic hydroponic nutrients and are hence not organic.  These cuts have limited availability, so they must be pre-ordered and a deposit is required.

Native Flower is currently preparing to supply high quality and healthy clones to the community ALL YEAR LONG!