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Native Flower - Cannabis Dispensary

Our Clones are currently out of stock as we develop a new stock of various cultivars that will be available in 3 months

Native Flower

Where Quality Matters

Here at Native Flower, we are trying to introduce high quality cannabis genetics to the local community. We germinate only the best seed genetics we can find, then select the highest quality phenotypes from the results. These top performers are then grown in living soil (*see below) as mothers to produce our clones. The result are plants which have the potential to give massive yields, high cannabinoid concentrations and killer terpene profiles!

Living soil or no-till regenerative growing is an organic growing technique which attempts to match the way plants grow most closely in nature. Nature does not use fertilizers and neither do we. Instead, using living soil techniques, we create an environment in the soil which is full of life (a soil food web). The interaction of this life feeds the cannabis plants nutrients through the breakdown of organic and inorganic materials. The results are a healthier, more robust plant that has a higher terpene percentage.

Native Flower is currently preparing to supply high quality and healthy clones to the community ALL YEAR LONG!