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710 Poster

Celebrate 710 With Us!

Mark your calendars for a sizzling celebration of 710! If you thought our 420 event was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The origins of this day are somewhat shrouded in mystery. At some point, someone noticed that the word OIL written upside down was the number 710. Then around 2011, the association of 710 with cannabis concentrates, extracts and oils arose, starting specifically in reference to hash oil. With this, July 10th became a niche holiday more specifically dedicated to the celebration of cannabis oils and dabbing.

Join us two days before 710 on Saturday July 8th, as we host an event filled with dabs, dogs, music and an array of entertaining games.

Buy your tickets for only $10 in advance or $20 at the door. Entry gets you:

* Free Dabs
* Free Hotdogs
* Entry for the prize draw
* Four tokens to play games and win prizes

We will have also FREE Potten Candy and Potcorn durning the event!

The festivities will begin at 12pm and last until 5pm when then big prizes will be drawn.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your 710 celebration to new heights. See you there!

Clear your schedule, prepare for bliss,
At Native Flower’s 710 event, nothing amiss.
On July 8, from noon to five,
Unlimited dabs and hotdogs, let’s thrive!

Inhale the clouds, a never-ending supply,
No worries about running dry.
Hotdogs piled high, a feast without end,
Eat ’til you drop, no need to pretend.

With music pumping, the beat won’t cease,
Games and laughter, a jubilant release.
Prizes galore, for the lucky and sly,
From rolling papers to a bong that can fly.

So mark your calendars, come join the fun,
At Native Flower’s 710 event, the party’s just begun!